To recover (by IRS) the tax benefit of a deduction or a credit previously taken by tax payer. See, e.g., recapture of depreciation
The taking from an enemy, by a force friendly to the former owner, of a vessel previously taken for prize by such enemy

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • recapture — re·cap·ture 1 /ˌrē kap chər/ vt tured, tur·ing 1: to capture again 2: to recover or take (as an excess or gain) by law or agreement; esp: to recover (a tax benefit) by higher or additional taxation of income or property that ceases to qualify for …   Law dictionary

  • recapture — [rē kap′chər] vt. recaptured, recapturing 1. to capture again; retake; get back by capture; reacquire ☆ 2. to get by RECAPTURE (n. 2) 3. to bring back by remembering [to recapture a feeling] n. 1 …   English World dictionary

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